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Warehousing – export, import and domestic distribution centers Inventory management and control Bar-coding, re-packaging, labeling, quality inspection, kitting and other value added services, Order administration Supporting business systems, Reverse logistics Site and location analysis, Order processing, inbound and outbound Yard management, Vendor/carrier performance

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Export Advances, Export Bill collection Letter of Credit / Line to Credit Bank Guarantees Outward Remittance & Inward Remittance

Logistics Services

Surface Services, Air Services, Rail Services, Sea Services

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Export Credit Insurance, Domestic A/R Insurance L/C Insurance, Political Risk Insurance

Tender Marketing

Identifying tender opportunities, Tender management How to tender, analysis – overview

Bid Consultancy

Bid Health Check, Bid Best Practice, Bid Support Bid Review, Bid Presentation, solution and maximises your chance of winning the pitch

Joint Ventures and Consortiums

BREAKING DOWN, JV Agreement, Paying Taxes on a JV JVs vs. Partnerships and Consortiums, Winding Up of a JV

Document Procurement

Information Gathering, Supplier Contact, Background Review Negotiation, Fulfilment, Renewal, RFP, RFI, RFQ, Solicitations



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ASEAN and AEC and its impact on SME


SRAM & MRAM Resources Limited has launched SMEXASEAN.com, a market place product in association with FASMEC (Federation of Associations of SME’s in Cambodia), to act as a fuel for the economy of Cambodia, which is currently ailing due to lack of proper initiatives to link the produce with the global market.
Shoulder to Shoulder
This initiative of SRAM will be the first of its kind project which will bring in the entire ASEAN community under one umbrella and all heavyweights of the association will rub shoulders with the Small and the Medium Enterprises of the lesser known siblings in the community.
Speaking on the function to launch the smexasean.com, Chairman and Founder of SRAM & MRAM Resources Limited, Dr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani spoke about his brainchild smexasean.com and reiterated the need for corporate sector and the government to initiate an object-oriented path to provide the SME sector the necessary impetus to run in step with the larger corporate giants.
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